Longchang Carbon Black CO.,Ltd was established in 2001. The factory is located in Longchang, Sichuan. It is a private enterprise that integrates R&D, manufacturing, and marketing for specialized carbon black.

The company currently owns three automatic production lines. It has large-scale production of various pigment carbon black and rubber carbon black, with an annual output of greater than 30,000 tons, and widely applied to plastics, mill base, paint, ink etc. as colorant.

Resplendence goes after business. The company has gained the favor and trust of domestic and overseas customers by offering excellent quality and service.

In order to meet the diversified market demand, the company has launched customized services in particular. The company aim to provide customers with high quality, characteristic products, and high-efficiency solutions.

Professional Team

professional teamprofessional teamprofessional team

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